How is CBD consumed?

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    CBD appears to be the next big thing in the medical industry. Over the past few years, research has been carried out to identify the extent to which CBD can help to provide relief for patients suffering from certain help conditions.

    CBD (which is short for Cannabidiol) is one of the many natural components that can be found in the Cannabis plant. THC can also be found in the Cannabis plant but is it totally different from CBD. The main difference are that THC gives users a feeling of euphoria and that it is illegal in most states and countries around the world while CBD is known mainly for its health benefits (without the feeling of euphoria) and it legal in most states and countries.

    Signs clearly show that CBD is here to stay but since there are no strict regulations controlling its production and distribution, there is an influx of products into the market that can confuse you the end users. These CBD products come in different kinds and forms. So how is CBD consumed and what options do I have? The mode of delivery for the CBD products varies greatly, we will discuss the most popular ones.

    Five popular methods for consuming CBD

    There are 5 popular ways by which you can consume CBD and this article is going to help you identify all 5 options for how CBD is consumed. You would also learn of their advantages and when best to use them.

    1.      CBD Tinctures

    The first method to consume CBD is in form of tinctures. Tinctures are alcoholic extracts of plant materials that are used as medicine. So by definition, CBD tincture would mean alcoholic extract of the cannabis plant that is used as medicine.

    CBD tinctures are usually made by cooking cannabis flowers in alcohol for period of time. CBD tinctures usually contain a really high percentage of Cannabidiol when compared to other methods by which CBD is consumed.

    You can actually make tinctures by yourself. Although it might take a lot of your time, the end result can be really rewarding if it is done right. CBD tinctures are usually bitter, so if you do not want to have that bitter aftertaste in your mouth you can implement it into your meals or beverage.

    CBD tinctures are best used when you are looking to have a concentrated amount of CBD working in your body with just one dose.

    2.      CBD Oil Liposomes

    Liposomes are roundly shaped vesicles that have more than one phospholipid layer. What this means is that liposomes are hydrophobic and hydrophilic at the same time. The technology behind liposomes has proved to be very beneficial when applied with CBD.

    Liposomes allow CBD to be delivered to the body in two efficient ways – orally and topically. The topical way is when the CBD product is applied directly on the skin, while the oral way allows for the CBD product to be more potent. Out of the two, the oral method is the most effective.

    With liposomes, CBD products get to where they are needed faster and the effect is also witnessed faster. The downside to liposome method of applying CBD is that it is really expensive to produce and the mode of preparation requires certain high levels of expertise and scientific know-how.

    The targeted and excellent delivery system of CBD oil liposomes allow it to be best used for treating conditions like cancer where the CBD travels directly to fight the cancer cells.

    3.      CBD Oil Vapes

    Vaping seems to be one of the most common ways to consume CBD products especially with millennials. Vaping of CBD involves pouring the oil into a vape and then heating it up until it becomes vapor that can be inhaled.

    Scientists have discovered that vaping CBD increases the bioavailability of CBD and that the body is able to absorb more CBD through direct inhalation. CBD gets to the blood stream directly which makes for faster absorption.

    There is also the advantage that you are more likely to ingest fewer impurities when you vape CBD. You are more likely to be taking CBD in its finest form when it is vaped. In terms of disadvantages, there is a social disdain that is associated with vaping especially in the public. Many people consider it to be offensive. It is not advised for people with respiratory conditions like asthma to vape CBD because it might worsen their condition.

    CBD oil vapes are best for when you want to feel the effects of CBD as soon as possible. It is also a really relaxing way of consuming CBD.

    4.      CBD Oil Topical

    Topical is the general term that is used when referring to medicine that is applied externally or to the surface of the skin/eye. The most common kind of topicals that we have available today are ointments, lotions, creams and balms.

    Most of the CBD topical products are made by the health and beauty industry. Skin conditions like acne are best treated with the use of topical CBD products because these interact directly with the skin.

    This disadvantage is that it can be applied only to the skin and should not be taken orally unless you want to suffer from side effects of ingesting a skin product like running stomach and possible poisoning.

    These are best used for the skin and are not to be ingested.

    5.      CBD Edibles

    Last but not the least is CBD edibles. These are CBD products that can be eaten and sometimes ingested. Gums and sweets that have been laced with CBD are prime examples in this regard. Pills are also a kind of CBD edible.

    CBD edibles are convenient as you can easily take them even when you are on the move.


    There would certainly be more ways to consume CBD as scientists make more research. For the mean-time, you have the choice of choosing from one or more of the current delivery systems based on your current needs.

    You can get quality CBD products – be CBD tinctures, oil vapes, Topicals, or edibles –  from online stores and also brick and mortar stores.

    How is CBD oil consumed
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