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    Many CBD lovers have been trying to find out how to use cryptocurrency to acquire CBD products. It is also very hard to find a reliable seller of CBD Oil. The best way to get CBD Oil is to buy it from online stores.

    There are a few online stores that sell quality CBD Oil. This article will give you a compiled list of top crypto traders of CBD Oil. These few coins were designed to help the CBD industry in areas or countries where the growth of cannabis has not been legalized. Additionally we will discuss where you can buy CBD oil with crypto that you already have using mainstream coins such as bitcoin.

    Before we jump into the list of coin base or cryptocurrencies with which you can buy CBD Oil, here are a few pointers to know quality CBD Oil.

    buy CBD oil with Crypto Bitcoin

    How to Know Quality CBD Oil

    These are the things to look out for in high-quality CBD Oil;

    • CBD Oil should not contain heavy particle or any particle at all. No residual solvents should remain in the already processed CBD oil.
    • The contents of the CBD Oil should be stated and the THC level should be stated on the label.
    • Always make sure the vendors you are buying from are using high-grade equipment and meet standards of production.

    What Coins Can be Used in Buying CBD Oil

    There are only a few Coins with which CBD Oil can be purchased since it is a growing market and is not yet on high demand. The following altcoins can be used in purchasing CBD Oil;


    Potcoin is the most popular of all the cryptocurrencies that can be used in buying CCD Oil worldwide. It is the most widely used cryptocurrency for purchasing CBD products online. Using this currency comes with major benefits and these benefits have made it widely acceptable in the CBD market.

    Even though Potcoin can be used to purchase other marijuana products and even cigarettes, it is still a great cryptocurrency for purchasing CBD Oil.

    Benefits of Potcoin

    There are many benefits of using Potcoin, but here are a few of them;

    • It is highly acceptable, as Potcoin can be used with other top cryptocurrencies, and retailers can easily integrate PotWallet into their POS stations.
    • There are also many sellers of CBD Oil that take Potcoin as a means of payment for CBD Oil.
    • Potcoin is gaining ground and becoming more reliable, as it is being integrated by people that sell other products like; honey, clothing, etc.


    Another coin that can be used to buy CBD Oil with Crypto, is CannabisCoin. CannabisCoin is a crypto project that has evolved over time and has made its name by trading crypto for Cannabis products, these products include; marijuana, hemp, CBD Oil, etc. CannabisCoin is getting major acceptance and hype in recent times and might become the major cryptocurrency for dealing with CBD substances.

    Even though back in 2017. The CannabisCoin faced a little security issue, the issues are being worked on and have been fixed. The major thing Cannabiscoin is trying to do is staying on CoinPayments. Getting the Coin Payments might end up increasing the coin attraction and end up making it the major cryptocurrency for CBD or Cannabis related trading.


    HempCoin is the major player in the cryptocurrency for the cannabis market. Hempcoin decides to make a wider view by including a host of cannabis, marijuana, and hemp suppliers. They did this by providing platforms for even farmers who are interested in growing hemp on an industrial base.

    Hemp Oil helps retailers who choose to sell marijuana, hemp, and cannabis-related substances. These substances include CBD Oil and other CBD components.

    Even though Hemp Coin is not on CoinPayments, it is a widely accepted cryptocurrency for trading CBD Oil. HempCoin is struggling to make a name for itself and it looks like the struggle is almost over, as HempCoin is becoming a stable cryptocurrency and is gradually becoming a major contender in the Cryptocurrency world.

    PotCoin, CannabisCoin, HempCoin, are the major players when it comes to cryptocurrency and CBD Oil. Although, many people prefer these three or one of them for buying CBD Oil or CBD related substances. There are still other major cryptocurrencies that can be used in buying CBD Oil.

    Can I Buy CBD Oil with Bitcoin?

    There are some online retailers that accept popular coins like bitcoin, billion coin, etc. for buying CBD oil. Here is a little guide on how CBD Oil can be bought with bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

    In recent times, a few online stores like; BuyCBDoil.Online, CBD Oil Shop, Bluebird Botanicals, and many more have decided to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for CBD Oil.

    To buy CBD Oil with cryptocurrency on any of these online stores, you have to have cryptocurrencies.

    Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, and getting bitcoin is an easy task. All you have to do;

    • Set up an account with coinbase or any other websites on which you can purchase coins with your credit cards.
    • Verify your accounts with personal information.
    • Buy Bitcoin with your credit card.

    After purchasing Bitcoin, the next easiest thing to do is visiting the online shop that accepts Bitcoin for buying CBD Oil and deal. Online stores like allow you buy CBD oils online and by using Bitcoin. But also accept other crypto currencies such as: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

    Benefits of Buying CBD Oil with Cryptocurrency

    Buying CBD Oil with cryptocurrency comes with its perks and advantages. The advantages to buy CBD Oil with Crypto, by far surpasses its disadvantages. Below are the advantages of buying CBD Oil with cryptocurrency;

    • The Anonymity that comes with trading with cryptocurrency cannot be measured or compared to any other method of trading.
    • It is easy, fast, and reliable to perform a transaction or payment with cryptocurrency than any other financial method.
    • It is highly secure since it uses a series of security and end-to-end verification. Some other security includes 2-factor authentication for transactions.
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