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    Are you looking to buy CBD online? Are you concerned about the sheer number of CBD brands that are available online? Do you want to know more about buying CBD online? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you.

    Going online to look for a product would leave you totally overwhelmed because you are bombarded with a lot of products that you feel is the right one. This article offers a guide to help you in finding quality products online.

    Growing on the back of the success of 2018, CBD has entered into the markets with a bang in 2019. There are literally hundreds of companies that are constantly flooding the market with CBD products. Gone are the days where there were only a few known brands of CBD.

    The influx of CBD products into the market also mean that there would be a wide variation on the quality of these products especially when you would be looking to buy CBD online. The high quality products cannot be easily differentiated from the low quality products.

    When you purchase and consume low quality products while thinking they are of high quality, you waste money and even risk your health even further because of the unhealthy ingredients that make up the low quality products.

    Where to start?

    It starts with a simple search on Google, or that is what you might think. As mentioned earlier there are thousands of sites that offer the “best” CBD products in the world. If you are not a beginner to CBD products and you already have a favorite brand, then you should just go directly to their online store to place your order.

    If you are relatively new to e-shopping or first time to buy CBD online, then you would find it helpful to take notice of CBD dedicated sites like or join community groups such as CBD Oil Education. These sites can really help you to block out the noise and focus on the best of CBD products that truly matter.

    Should you Get CBD from popular online stores like amazon?

    You really might be tempted to check sites like amazon and eBay for your CBD products, but CBD products are not currently allowed in their terms and conditions. Therefore, there is limited guarantee that the products you buy there would be genuine CBD. If at all you would be buying from these sites, make sure that the products have enough ratings or reviews so as not to make sure that you get the best.

    Important questions to ask yourself when buying CBD online

    Has a 3rd party lab carried out tests on the products?

    It is advised that you do not buy from websites or brands that do not have their products tested by a 3rd party lab. The tests would help you determine how genuine the product is and without the lab reports, there is simply no way of making sure that the product is safe for consumption

    What ingredients were used in making the products?

    Check the list ingredients used to make sure that the products does not contain any element that you are allergic to. You can easily run an online search if the ingredient list is full of names that you have not heard before.

    What is the percentage of THC in the product?

    THC is a type of cannabinoid that gives the users a feeling of “high” and it is illegal in most countries. The recommended content percentage of THC in any CBD product is within the range of 0.2 – 0.5 percent, country dependent. So make sure to check that the product you are buying satisfies the legal requirement.

    What other things should you look for when buying CBD products online?

    Great Content

    Search out for brands that go a great job at educating their community of consumers. In this digital age, statistics has shown that people are more likely to trust and buy from a brand that offers value from time to time, instead of always trying to sell them something.

    Brands that offer in depth articles or content on how their products can help you are usually the best brands to consider when you are about to buy a CBD product online. These brands offer answers to the questions that customers have regarding issues like dosage and usage.

    Look for Reviews

    These brands also likely offer reviews on their website or ecommerce store that allows customers or potential customers like you the opportunity to see what people are saying about their products. These reviews can prove to be the only way to know if a product is genuine when you have not bought the product.

    Reviews can also help you in another great way. Thanks to the reviews you can determine the time when you would get your products delivered to your doorstep. If you are dire need of the CBD product then you might want to consider a site that offers prompt delivery of their products.

    Great Customer Service

    Look for companies or brands that have a great customer service. Companies that actually take their time to answer the complaints of their customers are most likely going to have a great product too. The feeling of warmth that you get from talking to an actual human about your CBD concerns go a long way in telling if the product is right for you.

    Amazing look and feel of website or eCommerce store

    Have you ever tried to buy a product from an online store but never seem to find out where the check-out icon is? It sucks. If a site has a great CBD product, then you would surely found out that the site is neatly laid out, so that the customer experience can be smooth.


    By now you should understand the basic things you need to look out for when shopping for a CBD product online. Don’t forget the check for the legality of CBD in the area where you live.

    Also make sure to talk to your doctor or any certified health consultant before you begin your journey with CBD.

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