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    Advice on weight loss happens to be one of the most common searches that are done on the internet. Millions of people are always looking for ways to get rid of the excess weight in their bodies. The number of obese people too has risen over the years with the major contributing factors been inactivity and a lot of junk food.

    In a quest to find the answers to their problems, many have stumbled upon CBD oil. What is CBD? Many of them ask. You have probably heard of CBD oil before, but had no idea the affect in the body that CBD oil for weight loss had. What CBD is, and how it affects weight loss will be discussed in this article.

    What is CBD?

    CBD is short for Cannabidiol. It is gotten from the Hemp plant, which is part of the Cannabis plant family. You might have second thoughts now that you read that it is extracted from Cannabis, but rest assured that it has nothing to do with getting you high.

    CBD is known mainly for its many health benefits unlike its “cousin” THC. THC, also contain in Cannabis is responsible for the feeling of euphoria after it is consumed because it contains some psychoactive elements. The fact that CBD provides many health benefits without giving the feeling of “high” or euphoria is the reason why it has been gaining a lot of popularity over the years.

    The health benefits that CBD provides include but are not limited to relief from chronic pain, depression, acne and cancer. What though is its effect of CBD oil for weight loss?

    CBD and Weight loss

    Helps to reduce appetite

    Although many have come to believe that CBD stimulates appetite, this is not true because the reverse is actually the case. CBD helps you to curb your appetite. THC is the one that is responsible for making people always want to eat all the time. With CBD the urge to eat even when you are under pressure is greatly reduced.

    CBD also works on a molecular level to help in weight loss. Ghrelin and Leptin which is a hunger stimulating hormone and satiety hormone are both produced by the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus has to be stimulated by CB1 receptors to produce these hormones. This is where CBD comes in. CBD acts as a receptor blocker, meaning that it blocks the CB1 receptors and does not allow the signals to stimulate the production of these hormones to be sent out.

    When the hunger hormone is not released then you would not feel the urge to eat more often. Experiments on rats have shown that the rats that were administered with CBD ate less but felt fuller.

    Fat is broken down easily

    One of the main causes of weight gain in the body is the excess of fat or the improper breakdown of such fat. Research however has placed CBD products in a position whereby they play an essential role in making sure that fat is broken down the proper way that it should be.

    CBD oil encourages the burning of fat and calories. This helps greatly if you are looking to lose some weight.

    Regulation of the Stress Hormone

    The stress hormone Cortisol is responsible for the production of testosterone. The relationship between these two hormones is inversely proportional, meaning that the more cortisol is produced the less testosterone is produced.  Testosterone is a hormone that stimulates the growth of muscles and the burning of fat. When your body is stressed, more Cortisol is produced which means that less of testosterone is produced also.

    CBD is known to reduce the level of stress in the body so this means that it can also help to make sure that more testosterone is produced in the body.

    Promotes sound sleep

    Lack of sleep can be said to also be one of the biggest factors that contribute to weight gain. Improper sleep schedules can result in fluctuating hormones especially with the hormones Leptin and Ghrelin that we mentioned earlier.

    You can sleep better with the use of CBD. With improved sleep you stand a better chance of managing your weight.

    Removes waste from the body

    Toxins or waste in the body are also removed by CBD which boosts the fat burning process.

    What is the recommended CBD oil for weight loss dosage?

    CBD oil dosage guide for weight loss

    You need to start small if you are using CBD for the first time. Take small doses as recommended by your doctor so that you can easily measure how your body reacts to it. If you do not experience any side effects then you can move up to using it three times a day.

    In all the recommended range for dosage is 4.5mg – 45mg depending on your current weight. For weights 2 – 25lbs, 26 – 45lbs, 46 – 85lbs, 86 – 150lbs, 151 – 240lbs, 241lbs and above the dosages range as follows 4.5 – 9mg, 6 – 12mg, 9 – 15mg, 12 – 18mg, 18 – 27mg, 22.5 – 45mg respectively.

    Is CBD Legal?

    CBD products are legal in most parts of the world as long as they contain less than 0.3 percent of THC. You can do well to check with your local authorities to confirm.


    Whatever your reasons for wanting to lose weight are, they should be valid. You should also take healthy measures in trying to lose weight. Jumping on a product that promises instant results would not be the wisest thing to do.

    CBD products offer a system that help you to achieve your goals and of losing weight. Whatever weight you hope to attain would also be maintained with the continued use of CBD products. There are a number of online stores where you can buy your genuine CBD products and start your CBD oil for weight loss journey.

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