CBD Oil FAQ

    • What does CBD stand for?

      CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol.
      Cannabidiol are elements extracted from the cannabis plant. The compound CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of many found in cannabis sativa and is the part that contains the greatest health benefits

    • What is CBD Oil?

      Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, are elements that are extracted from the cannabis plant. The hemp CBD oil does not contain the THC elements. THC is the negative or often illegal substance associated with canabis, that produces the hallucinogenic effects. The CBD oil, unlike the THC, will result in a wide range of health benefits.

    • How does CBD Oil work?

      In the body, we have many receptors that mange our bodily functions and organs. CBD oil in the body, interacts with these receptors. There are 2 main receptor groups that CBD works with; CB1 and CB2.

      CB1 interacts with the central nervous system and some key organs. CB2 works with the surrounding tissues. Together these CB1 and CB2 receptor groups govern the bodies neuro-hormones. CBD oil stimulates these receptor groups aiding in the functioning of these key receptor groups.

    Health & Well-being

    • Are there any side effects of using CBD oils?

      Side effects associated with using CBD Oils are minimal, especially when compared to pharmacy offered drugs offering comparable health solutions to the benefits CBD users have experienced.

      The reported unwanted side effects from CBD products of high dosage include; minor discomfort for the stomach and a slight drowsiness.

    • Do CBD oil companies make health claims?

      CBD oil is new for the mass market. Due to this short life span in the commercial arena, as well as the humble funds, when compared to big pharmaceutical companies, there is relatively little in the way of formal clinical trials, that are an expensive and lengthy undertaking, currently CBD oils have generally relied on the shared positive experiences of the users, which is why broad claims are minimal. We believe this will change over time.

    • What are the benefits of CBD oils?

      CBD oil supports the cannabinoid receptors, that govern how well the body functions in a number of areas. Having your body functioning well in regards to their hormones, nervous system and many major organs means that CBD oil may aid with a number of benefits that include:

      • An improved digestive system.
      • Brain functions such as memory.
      • The nervous system and hormone balancing to aid motor control, or balance stress and anxiety, or even help with fertility.
      • Pain relief or provide relaxation and aid sleep.
      • Generally well running body and organs will also boost immune system and regulate body temperature

    CBD Oil Legal Questions

    • Is it legal to purchase CBD oil?

      Hemp based CBD  Oil is already legal in many parts of the world, with more being added on an ongoing bases. Buy CBD Oils Online is already shipping CBD based products to many countries:

      • Argentina,
      • Austria,
      • Belgium,
      • Belize,
      • Brazil,
      • Bulgaria,
      • Canada,
      • Chile,
      • China,
      • Colombia,
      • Costa Rica,
      • Croatia,
      • Cyprus,
      • Czech Republic,
      • Denmark,
      • Estonia,
      • Finland,
      • France,
      • Georgia,
      • Germany,
      • Greece,
      • Guam,
      • Guatemala,
      • Hong Kong
      • Hungary,
      • Iceland,
      • India,
      • Ireland,
      • Italy,
      • Latvia,
      • Lithuania,
      • Luxembourg,
      • Netherlands,
      • Netherlands Antilles,
      • Northern Ireland,
      • Norway,
      • Paraguay,
      • Peru,
      • Poland,
      • Portugal,
      • Puerto Rico,
      • Romania,
      • Russia,
      • Slovenia,
      • South Africa,
      • Sweden,
      • Switzerland,
      • United Kingdom,
      • U.S. Virgin Islands,
      • Uruguay
    • Is there a difference between hemp and marijuana extracts?

      Cannabis has two spices; hemp and marijuana. The hemp extracts contain x2 times the amount of CBD with around x70 times less THC. The amount of THC in the cannabis oil, is the factor that both determines if there is a hallucinogenic effect and as a consequence, whether it is legal. The volume of THC contained in marijuana extract means it is generally not legal, outside certain medical exemptions, differing by country.

    • Are all brands of CBD Oils legal?

      The short answer is no. Many countries have laws around the trace levels of the psychoactive ­tetra­­­hydro­­cannabinol (or THC), which contains the negative aspects of marijuana. Brands differ from the quality of the seeds, through the farming process, and through the extraction and testing processes.
      At buycbdoils.online we only sell quality products, that satisfy these laws and follow best practice through each step of the processes. Meaning you can legally buy CBD oil here with confidence.

    Dosage & How to take CBD oil

    • What is the shelf-life of our CBD oils?

      Our CBD oil and CBD Oil products have a shelf-life of a year. The CBD oil is also suitable for freezing which would extend shelf-life of our products for an additional two years.

    • Can you overdose on CBD oils?

      No. An overdose of CBD oil may effect your mood, but it will not have any harmful or fatal consequences.

    • How much CBD oil should I take?

      CBD oil dosage varies from person to person. This is due to the different body sizes and the different conditions that someone is trying to treat. However on all CBD Oil products sold on Buy CBD Oils Online, we have a recommended dosage. So you can take CBD Oils with confidence