Hemp vs Marijuana CBD Oil

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    Hemp vs marijuana and the relationship with CBD VS THC Oil
    Cannabis Plant Family Hemp vs Marijuana CBD levels and THC levels

    There has been confusion with the general public and understanding how CBD Oil fits in to the Cannabis plant family. With Cannabis Hemp and Marijuana often interchanged and not fully understanding the difference. We have developed this simple graphic ‘Hemp vs Marijuana’, which aims to help avoid confusion. As you can see there are two main families of the Cannabis plant; Sativa and Indica. Within these families there have been many plants bred and even Hybrids between the families, but for a simple introduction we will keep things simple.

    Marijuana and Hemp are plant classifications and Hemp is part of the Sativa family of plant and Marijuana can be either classified as a Sativa or Indica. All cannabis plants can have elements extracted from them known as cannabinoids. The two most well known ones are CBD and THC. Each have unique effects on the human body and used for medical benefits. Higher levels of THC are not legal, as it results in what is often called a high. As shown on the infographic, the hemp plant has greater amounts of CBD and very low levels of THC. So when you are looking to legally buy CBD oil, it will likely be from the Hemp plant.

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