Topical CBD Oil Balms & Creams

    Topical CBD Oil Balms & Creams

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    CBD oil topical balms and creams

    Aside from inhalation and orally ingesting CBD products there is another method that can be used. This method is called topical administration. If you find yourself reluctant to use the other methods of CBD delivery then you should try out topical application especially if you are looking to gain the remedial effects of CBD.

    What are Topicals?

    Topical is the general term that is used in describing products applied directly to the surface of the bod or skin. Ointments, lotions, creams and balms are all examples of topicals. Topicals are not expected to be taken orally but they are rather applied on the skin. They are mostly used for its curative attributes and not for fun or recreation.

    The demand and popularity of CBD topicals have really grown over the last decade in the health and beauty industries. CBD oil topical balms are among the most common of these CBD products.

    Can you get high when using topicals?

    Some topicals contain an amount of THC which might cause you to wonder whether you would get high of you use it. The truth is that applying topicals on your skin would not produce any kind of high.

    Just as pouring alcohol on your skin would not make you drunk, so would applying topical (with THC) would not make you high. THC only gets you high if it can get to the brain, therefore applying it on your skin would have zero effects.

    CBD oil topical balms only contain a small amount of THC so there is no need to be afraid of been high.

    Benefits of Topical CBD oil

    • Topical CBD oil has a wide range of benefits. Relieving muscle pain, curing skin conditions like acne are just a number of them
    • Since there is only a trace amount of THC in CBD oil, the psychoactive effects of THC are nullified.
    • Application of CBD oil directly to the skin makes it faster for the effects to be seen, unlike with edible CBD products.
    • If you wish to keep your use of CBD under wraps then topical CBD oil would help you do just that.
    • Topical CBD oil balm contains antioxidants that would help to get rid of radicals that cause cellular damage, thereby encouraging a clear and glowing skin.
    • Affected skin areas can be targeted specifically and efficiently.
    • It is great for after workout application as it would help to reduce the tension in your mucles.

    Tips to consider when applying topical CBD oils

    Chances are that you are still very new to topical CBD oils; therefore you might not know how to properly apply it to your skin. If they are followed, these tips would help you to make sure that you get the most out of your topical CBD products.

    Tip One. Never mix topical CBD with other topical products.

    When you are applying CBD products to your skin, make sure that they are only applied to areas where no other skin-care product is used. Doing so would help to make sure that the CBD product has the maximum effect on your skin. When mixed with other products, the effect of CBD oil is often diluted.

    Tip Two. Apply and massage gently into the skin

    When you apply the oil to your skin, make sure to massage gently but firmly into your skin. Don’t try to be frugal when applying topical CBD oil to your skin because your skin would simply not absorb much if you do so.

    Tip Three. Wash your hands after contact with CBD oil.

    After applying CBD oil to your skin, make sure to wash your hands. Washing your hands would help to prevent the spread of irritable substances to sensitive parts of your body. Although it is great for the skin, CBD oil can cause irritation or discomfort when it comes in contact with the eye.

    Tip Four. Always apply at the right time.

    Apply CBD oil before going to have a shower or before engaging in an activity that would make you sweat would simply amount to waste. Water would wash the oil away from your skin before it has the chance to do its work. Sweat would not allow the oils to penetrate your skin which cancels the effects of the oil.

    Tip Five. Read package instructions, and follow them religiously.

    Read the manufacturers’ instruction so as to know how much of the oil you should be applying. This would help to avoid wastage and maximize the effect of the oil.