CBD Oil Tinctures and Drops

    CBD Oil Tinctures and Drops

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    CBD oil tinctures and drops

    Everyday new CBD products are hitting the market due to the popularity and demand for CBD. Although it might be a good thing that there is a steady influx of products which make it easier for you, there is also the concern as what kind of product to choose.

    One of such products is CBD tinctures or drops. We want to help you to understand everything about CBD tinctures so that you can make an informed decision for when you are purchasing a product.

    What is CBD?

    Cannabidiol or CBD as it is more commonly known is one of the many cannabinoid molecules that are found in the cannabis or marijuana plants. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system just as every other cannabinoid molecule.

    If you are thinking that you would get high from taking CBD then you are wrong. CBD is not psychoactive meaning that it does not produce any high when it is consumed. THC is responsible for the feeling of high or euphoria and it is completely different from CBD.

    Instead of producing a high in users, CBD has qualities that make it very useful in the medical field. Although research and tests are still ongoing, CBD has been seen to provide treatment for conditions like epilepsy and chronic anxiety among many others.

    CBD has also been known to interact with different types of neuroreceptors. The implication of this knowledge is that CBD has the potential to offer way more than is available today.

    What can CBD do?

    CBD promises to hold an answer to pain relief. Studies and research have shown that the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are too good to pass up on. These properties allow CBD to be useful in treating pains ranging from muscle pull to arthritis.

    CBD can also be taken to reprieve the signs of epilepsy, social anxiety disorder and PTSD. There is a controversial issue as to whether CBD oil can treat insomnia too. One side of the argument claim that CBD increases wakefulness, while the other side claim that CBD tincture taken before bedtime can help you to sleep more easily.

    What is a CBD tincture?

    There are a number of ways by which you can administer CBD, from vaping, to swallowing it as a capsule. Among the most popular of these methods is taking CBD through a tincture.

    A CBD tincture is a nutritional supplement that comes in form of liquid and can contain a very high amount of Cannabidiol. Tinctures are usually made by immersing cannabis flowers in high proof grain alcohol, then cooking over low heat for a considerable amount of time. Alternatives to alcohol could include; vinegar or glycerin.

    The process is time consuming, but very effective. The result of the exercise is a potent liquid that gives you all you need in CBD without any combustion. The liquid can be easily complemented with oils like orange and also with food and beverage so as to give it a sweet taste.

    How to use CBD tinctures?

    As mentioned earlier, CBD tinctures, or drops, are concentrated therefore they are expected to be taken in small doses. As part of the product design, most tinctures come with built-in ML droppers that allow users to take it in small doses. Taking too much is not likely to cause any adverse effect on your body but it would be inefficient in helping your CBD to last as long as it could.

    You can take CBD with you food. All you have to do is add drops of CBD to what you want to eat. It could be tea, salads, soups, pasta or anything else. Health experts however recommend that the product is taken sublingually or under the tongue. This way it is absorbed faster than all other oral methods.

    Effects of CBD after using the tincture method can be felt after just 15 minutes.

    What are the benefits of CBD tinctures?

    Just like with regular CBD oil, CBD tincture oil can be used to supplement anything. You can also consume CBD discretely with the use of tinctures as you do not need to make any prior preparations or smoke anything.

    Since it is also concentrated, you can change the dose level depending on the severity of the condition that you are hoping to relief yourself of.

    How can you measure your CBD tincture dosage?

    Agreed, using a CBD tincture can be one of the easiest ways to take CBD. All you have to do is let out a few drops under your tongue, hold it there about a minute and then swallow. Still you might be wondering just how much you should be taking.

    To measure your dosage, you need to find out how much CBD is in one dropper. This would help you gauge how much CBD you are swallowing.

    How much CBD oil is in a dropper?
    A dropper usually holds 1ML of liquid. So if a bottle of CBD holds a total of 1500MG of CBD and 30ML per tincture the number of MGs of CBD in a dropper would be 50MG. There might be a little variation in the eventually amount, but doing this is better than not measuring it at all.


    CBD tincture oil can be purchased from many online stores. When buying online be careful of the ingredients of the products you are buying. Make sure that it contains just a trace amount of THC if any at all.

    You should also consult your doctor if you are still unsure about whether to start using CBD or if you have questions about the dosage that you should use.