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    CBD Oil Vapes

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    CBD oil vapes

    Many people prefer to consume CBD oil by means of CBD Vape oil. Vaping CBD usually increases the bioavailability of CBD and you also get to absorb most of the CBD rapidly when you inhale it, compared to orally administering it.

    CBD contains a measure of cannabinoid terpenes which has a lot of benefits for the body. When ingested orally, most of this cannabinoid terpenes is removed by the liver, leaving your body with only so much to work with. Inhaling CBD on the other hand allows you to take in a higher percentage of the product.

    What is CBD?

    CBD is the short form of Cannabidiol and it is a natural component that is found in Hemp or Marijuana, part of the cannabis plant family. CBD offers greater medicinal benefits than other component of the cannabis plant, and that is why it is often used for medical research and application.

    CBD is different from THC, that is known to produce induce a “high” feeling in users.

    Benefits of CBD oil and CBD Vape oil

    1. Better sleep

    Taking CBD before bedtime can help with insomnia

    1. Stress and anxiety

    Those with stress and chronic anxiety issues can use CBD as an alternative to current medicines.

    1. Severe pain

    Using CBD instead of opioids relieves you of pain without the side effects.

    1. Brain

    Cognitive defects caused by Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease can be treated with CBD.

    1. High blood pressure

    CBD can help with reducing high blood pressure and susceptibility to stroke.

    Other health benefits of CBD oil and CBD vape oil include better skin, fighting acne, preventing epilepsy and reducing fear response in those suffering from PTSD.

    Benefits of Vaping CBD

    • Fast absorption

    As mentioned earlier, vaping CBD means faster absorption. If you are someone in need of fast and immediate relief then you should definitely consider vaping CBD.

    When you vape CBD, it reaches inside your body and bloodstream directly through your lungs instead of following your digestive tract. In fact some people have experienced the soothing relief of CBD minutes after inhaling it.

    • More purity with fewer ingredients

    Some other CBD products require that you take some natural ingredients so as to see the best effect. If you would prefer to have just pure CBD and no other ingredients then vaping is for you.

    With vape oils, you get CBD in its finest form. Typical CBD vape oil contains 100 percent pure CBD extract and an amount of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. This two added ingredients ate responsible for binding the vape oil and also producing the smoke or clouds that is seen after vaping. Pure CBD oil sometimes contains a flavoring content too.

    Pure CBD vape oils do not contain nicotine or other similar chemicals that are addictive.

    • You can customize your vaping CBD dose

    Although there is not much regulation on the use of CBD, a number of CBD products contain a premeasured dose of CBD. You can customize how much CBD that you consume at a time. So if you want to treat a small headache, just a little dose of CBD would work. For more severe health conditions then a higher dosage of vape oil can be used.

    • Vaping CBD is just so relaxing

    You can vape CBD just for the fun of it. Vaping CBD is agreed by a lot of people to be the most relaxing way to take CBD. The different flavors also make it taste and smell so pleasantly causing you to have certain calmness.

    You can also use CBD vape oil when you are in public, as many prefer vaping to taking capsules or drops of oil.

    Is it safe to vape CBD?

    To vape CBD, it has to be heated at a high temperature so as to create vapor to inhale. Experts have advised that those who vape CBD should be mindful of the dosage that they take. This is because inhalation is far more efficient to get the drugs working in your system than eating or swallowing the drug.

    Vaping CBD makes it almost four times more efficient than when used the conventional way according to some cannabis companies. This means that people who vape CBD have a higher chance of experiencing the side effects than others.

    Another thing worthy of note regarding the issue of vaping is that some of the metal bits used in heating tinctures might leak certain amounts of elements such as chromium and nickel into the heated vapor the users would eventually inhale. These elements in the body might cause some complications.

    What is the difference between CBD vape oil and CBD oil?

    If you think that CBD oil and CBD vape oil are the same things then you are wrong. So before you take CBD oil off your shelf in an attempt to vape it in your vape pen, you might want to know some of the differences that exist between these two products.

    CBD oil is made in a form that is expected to be consumed orally only. CBD oil is not produced so as to be poured in a vaping tank and inhaled. CBD vape oil on the other hand is designed for just that. Vape oils are to be vaporized and inhaled as vapor.

    While you are not expected to vape CBD oil, you can take CBD vape oil orally.

    How to choose the right CBD vape oil

    To get the best results and value for your money it is recommended that you buy CBD vape oil from top brands. Even though you might feel like it is expensive, you would definitely feel the difference when compared with buying cheap knockoffs.

    Regulations on the kind of products entering the market are still low so being careful of low quality products is important. Many of the vape oils have been mixed with harmful chemicals.


    You would have definitely learnt a thing or two about vaping CBD oil after reading this article. Vaping CBD oil helps you to get the most out of your CBD vape oil in the most relaxing way possible.