CBD oil for Sleep and Insomnia

    CBD oil for Sleep and Insomnia

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    Will CBD oil help with Sleep and Insomnia?

    The question now is “Can CBD oil be used in battling Insomnia?” the answer is YES. So if you are having difficulty sleeping at night, and you are looking for a lasting solution, CBD might just be the solution. CBD is the one-stop supplement that can help if you are suffering from lack of sleep or insomnia.

    People on a larger scale are only recently understanding the positive attributes of CBD or Cannabidiol as it’s full name. Cannabidiol has a lot of health benefits to humans, and still not a lot of people know about this. Recent research being carried out, have proved this to be a fact.

    CBD oil is also known for its large range of health benefits. This wide range includes; assisting insomnia patients, acting as a pain suppressant, helping to reduce stress, and a host of other health benefits.

    This article will focus on how CBD helps to induce sleep in people suffering from insomnia or lack of sleep, how CBD works in insomnia patients, and a few other things. If you are suffering from insomnia and not sure of how reliable or safe CBD is, just read through this article.

    What is CBD Oil?

    Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD is a nonpsychoactive compound gotten from cannabis plants or hemp. It is different from cannabis due to its low THC content.

    CBD is different from other natural cannabinoids in Cannabis. One main advantage is it does not produce psychoactive effects since it has very low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Retailed CBD oil must contain the legal limit of THC. In the US this is 0.3 percent THC, which makes it legal and not a psychoactive substance. This means that you can’t get high from using CBD Oil.

    CBD Oil has been legalized in major parts of the world including the US, UK and many other European countries.  In fact, CBD Oil is also prescribed to seriously ill patients in many hospitals and medical centers around the world. CBD has little side effects and is therefore usable by anyone, not restricting any age group.

    CBD substances like CBD Oil are legal in all states in the U.S, but brands will contain varying THC levels and with relatively different CBD contents and quality. It is easy to get CBD Oil in the U.S, unlike a few countries in the world where the use of CBD substances is not legal. Most sellers of CBD substances still demand that the consumer be over 18 of age before selling to them, regardless of its low THC level.

    How Can CBD Oil Help in Curing Insomnia

    Many researchers around the world have conducted researches that have proved that CBD can help a person to sleep. Research conducted shows that CBD can increase overall sleep time, and also to reduce insomnia. It has been proven to help those who suffer from severe pain to sleep.

    Research has shown that CBD has the ability to communicate with serotonin and GABA receptors in the brain. GABA promotes relaxation from the brain, and calms excess activity… CBD does this easily due to its ability to cure anxiety and promote relaxation.

    It also puts the body in a relaxed state by making use of the Endocannabinoid system (ECS), by using cannabinoids that are produced naturally by our body. The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for creating regularized patterns of information to our body, such as; sleep, mood, pain, and inflammation.

    It also makes use of two receptors found in our body, the cannabinoid one receptors found in the brain, and the cannabinoid two receptors found in the immune system. Even though CBD does not directly communicate with these receptors, it stimulates the body into dispensing its own naturally created cannabinoid effectively.

    CBD is proved to work for people with high sleeping disorders, even with major inhibitors, such as Parkinson’s disease. Knowing that one of the major reasons of insomnia is stress, CBD oil also reduces insomnia by relaxing the brain and stimulating relaxation in the brain, thus helping insomnia patients sleep easily.

    Little quantity of CBD oil can also help the body stay alert during the day and reduce tiredness, which relates to healthier and longer sleep at night.

    How to Use CBD Oil for Insomnia

    Although CBD oil is a health supplement, there’s a general rule for the use of any medical supplement. Even though the effect of any medical substance might vary with people, there are generally maximum and minimum dosage for use. It is also the same with CBD oil, the quantity and effect vary from person to person, but there’s also a general guide, relating maximum and minimum quantity to use. This personal variation is especially true with CBD, and the fact that cannabinoids react differently with various individuals.

    A person experiencing insomnia should know the minimum quantity to take for fast and quick effect and maximum quantity to take to avoid any side effects and to be cost efficient. Even though it is a bit difficult to standardize dosage, because of the way CBD reacts differently in people, there are recommendations as to how to use CBD oil for sleep. The recommended dosages for CBD oil will be indicated in the product description, since quantity of CBD and concentration vary by supplier.

    Side Effect of CBD Oil on Insomnia Patients

    Though CBD Oil is viewed to be safe and generally acceptable for a human body, it may have side effects in many people. Here is a list of reported side effects of the use of CBD Oil;

    • It may lead to Diarrhea for some people.
    • It can induce fatigue in some people.
    • It makes many people lose their appetites and as a result reduce their weight.

    Like other supplements there are increased chances of more serious side effects when used with other heavy medications. It is therefore advised that when any of the side effects start to show, the dosage of CBD Oil should be reduced. It is safer to consult with a doctor before starting to use CBD oil for sleep, so as to ensure safety and avoid these side effects

    If you’re looking for a fast way to cure lack of sleep, CBD oil is the permanent stop. With so many health benefits, CBD oil is viewed to be the future of medicine.