Will CBD oil make you fail a drug test?

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    The CBD component of CBD oil will not make you fail a drugs test. CBD is now legal in all 50 states. However, THC may cause you to fail a drug test. Most CBD oil contains trace amounts of THC. The recent 2018 farm bill, brought a federal THC acceptable limit contained within a CBD oil of 0.3 mg. However, each state is still free to enforce state law. With practically all states now inline with the federal recommendation, there are a few exceptions. Idaho for example requires CBD oil to contain no THC. Therefore, we recommend that you check your state laws and the THC levels of your company’s drug test policies. Additionally, there are a few other things to watch out for and will be discussed in this article, as well as some advice.

    Why do companies have drug tests

    It is really no surprise that many employers ensure that their employees undertake drug tests in order to check if they’re fit for work and to avoid hiring persons who are substance abusers. No employer would like other staff to be subjected to employees that consume illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana and taking illegal substances will also likely impact the quality of their work.  In lieu of these fears, employers organize drug tests as a part of their overall screening process and often random ongoing tests.

    Most employers follow the laid down procedures of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) in a bid not to cross the line while checking their employees in a drug test. The guidelines provided by the SAMSHA helps secure employers such that they are protected from law suits by unnerved employees.

    CBD in drug tests

    Moving on to drug testing for CBD. It is very unlikely that an employer would undertake a test for CBD as it is not illegal. It has happened in the past from an insurance request. This is not likely in the future, now CBD has received legal status in most parts of the world. However common tests are undertaken for marijuana use. In this case, a typical drug test for marijuana will be testing for the use of an immunoassay with antibodies in detecting THC (specifically THC-COOH). THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana.

    So despite the great news drug tests for marijuana are focused on THC not CBD, the problem is that most CBD oils in the market contain trace amounts of THC. Any CBD oil that contains THC above 0.3mg may raise a red flag in a drug test.

    THC Limits in a Drug Test

    By the provisions of SAMSHA, the legal limit for the presence of THC is 50ng/ml. (the metabolite for THC) meaning per milliliter of urine. This would require consuming amounts of CBD that greatly exceed the recommended daily dose. The consumption of CBD oil in higher doses than that recommended, would also by default result in consuming larger amounts of THC. CBD actually counteracts the negative effects of THC on the body and would be considered safe and acceptable amounts of THC, regarding your physical health. However, large dosages of CBD oil, could fail a drug test. Therefore, we would recommend sticking to recommended CBD oil intake.

    Other reasons why CBD Oil could fail a drug test

    There are several other reasons we have identified, as to why you may fail a drugs test through CBD oil consumption. Let’s consider a few common placed reasons why it is possible to fail a CBD oil test.

    Level of THC in the CBD oil

    This may sound obvious, but there are varying levels of THC that is acceptable either in your state or country. This level is likely to be linked to the outcome of the test. The level of THC will vary depending on the source of the CBD. For example, the UK has a lower acceptable level of THC (0.2mg), this is lower than many other parts of the world (thus important to check the THC level as it could be legal at 0.5mg in another country as an example). So, it is important to marry the THC level in the area of use with their laws and the source of the CBD oil.

    Low Quality Products and testing facilities

    One of the most common reasons why some fail drug testing is because they are using low quality extracts. Unfortunately, the market is awash with a lot of low-quality product which come at enticingly cheap prices. However, the cost of failing a drug test (which would invariably disqualify one from succeeding in getting a job or retaining it as the case may be) could be far greater. Please do proper due-diligence when choosing a quality CBD product.

    In setting up a new CBD product, some of the most expensive outlay is to employ best practice extraction techniques, state of the art testing facilities and quality control. Sadly, they are often easy corners to cut, as production regulation is lagging behind the demand for CBD. Not supplying certificates of third-party testing results. Hemp, the raw ingredient is also ever changing with the current crop. The THC levels can vary from harvest to harvest. Therefore, the testing is not a one-off event, rather an ongoing process.

    THC Contamination and miss-labeled products

    It is important to note that with cheaper production facilities and quality control systems means that core mistakes can be made. Labeling is an important component that customers rely on for accurate information. There have been several incidences that labels can be inaccurate. This has happened most commonly through the prementioned low standards in the testing facilities discussed above. But has also been known to happen by mistaken mix up.

    Mislabeling of Products; although the standard for CBD oil mandates that the amount of THC present should not exceed the 0.3mg mark, quite a number of careless producers have failed to stick to the legal standard. With loose attitudes around mislabeling products and misleading the public regarding product content.  A study in 2017 showed that about 68% of the CBD products sold that were sold with misleading labels. This poses serious risks to buyers cautious about drug tests!

    Similar poor practices can happen in the production process. It is also possible to fail a drug test after ingesting CBD oil that has been contaminated. It has been reported that THC rich items have previously been mixed with the CBD oil products, thus leading to contamination.  

    Unrelated Second-Hand THC Exposure

    One of the reasons for failing a drug test after the intake of CBD oil is due to being exposed to THC unconsciously. There a lot of ways by which this can happen; you could for instance be passing by a joint and inhale just enough smoke from smokers to get THC into your body system. Although smoke hardly lingers in the body system, and it would require a huge amount of inhalation to linger in the body, this however does not negate the fact that unintentional exposure could be a reason for failing a drug test. Numerous cases that sound absurd but are in fact true, abound concerning the unintentional second-hand exposure to THC. So worth baring in mind.

    Advice to pass a drug test, while using CBD oil

    The conclusion of the whole matter in this article is that CBD is not responsible for failing drug tests. The presence of THC in your CBD oil is what puts you in a risky position of failing a drug test. So whatever oil you decide to take, ensure to verify the THC amount in it before purchase lest you lose money and lose your job because of failing in the test. There is no harm in being overly cautious. So here are a few tips.

    Quality product and reputable brand to suiting your needs

    As discussed, many of the reasons people fail drug tests really comes down to the quality of the product and the company facilities, both production and testing. Many risks can simply be avoided by choosing a quality product. To mitigate this risk, we advise that you purchase a tried and trusted brand with proven testing practices and labeling care.

    Buying online allows you to research and compare brands in your own time. Additionally you can buy through a 3rd party that is not loyal to any specific brand and screens their providers for quality, such as buycbdoils.online. Products will be shipped to your doorstep and they use geo-location to only show you relevant products for your area.

    Certificate of analysis
    Suppliers that provide it’s 3rd party testing certificates of analysis is a must. These can be found from the online store; sometimes with the product description or in the footer menu. If you do not see it, just shoot the company a quick email.

    If in doubt use THC free product

    Kalki-MCT-1500mg CBD oil - THC free

    A great idea and a way to bring additional peace of mind is to purchase a THC free product. There are several great products on the market that offer CBD without THC’s. Again, a reputable brand will bring peace of mind that it is what they claim. But again, a great way to enjoy CBD oil and not have to worry about failing a drug test and there are plenty of good options now.

    Still worried? Use a Doctor

    You can get a licensed doctor to provide a prescription for you. If you can request the purchase of CBD oil through your doctor, by all means do so since they are more equipped with knowledge and experience to get you the right product and keep you on the safe side (perhaps after getting the doctor’s prescription, you fail a test, you could explain matters to your superiors).

    However, if you do not wish to go through a medical practitioner, then by all means ensure that you purchase a quality, reputable CBD oil that is sourced from industrial hemp with a verifiable less than 0.3mg THC content. The chances of failing your drug test after purchasing and ingesting qualitative CBD oil is extremely low, especially if you buy from impartial reputable online stores. That said, it is important to remember to do your own due diligence as this article is only based on information available to us and we will not take liability for failed drug tests.

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